Leading Technologies for Cyberspace Security

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Big Data Platform <br/>for Network Threat Perception and Decision Making

Big Data Platform
for Network Threat Perception and Decision Making

Focusing on Research of the Latest Technologies <br/>of Threat Detection and Attack&Defense

Focusing on Research of the Latest Technologies
of Threat Detection and Attack&Defense


Next-Generation Product for Security Analysis SUATEAM Network Threat Perception and Decision-Making Platform implements heterogeneous acquisition, integration, distributed storage and scalable analysis technologies for security related big data. It is capable of performing comprehensive, proactive, intelligent threat awareness and anomaly detection and achieving security situation visualization and intelligent defense decision.

Total Amount Heterogeneous Data Acquisition

Extensive Threat Intelligence Integration

Automatic Response

Deep Packet Analysis and Flow Recovery

Network Behavior Learning and Modeling

Security Situation Visualization

Kernel Security Analysis Algorithm

Interactive Threat Analysis and Forensics

Intelligent Defense Decision Making


With years of successful experience and extensive
development in technology, SUATEAM can provide integrated and high-quality security services.

IT Security System Construction

Reverse Penetration Testing

Malicious code removal

SUA customer case handling

Binary Vulnerability Analysis

Classified Protection Evaluation


SUATEAM Cyberspace Security Lab is committed to research global trends of information security, the latest Attack&Defense technology, security analysis and forensics, and APT intelligence and detection technology.

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